The more we learn the better we can help ourselves and others!

Join us throughout the day, listen to our speakers, peer support groups, physicians, local & area proffesionals and those who wish to share their journey. 
We all have a lot to offer, even if cancer has never affected you or a loved one our fair is more than just about cancer. It also promotes healthy living and choices. 
It gives you an opportunity, to network, talk, listen and learn.

Registered Speakers List and Times:

10:00 to 4:00pmVisit our Booths!

Visit Our Booths!

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Throughout the day, visit our booths. Network with others,. 

10:30 - 10:35Opening Remarks

Dr. Sheryl Riley, M.D. Breast Cancer Survivor - Silver Linings Founder

Nicky Poulin, Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre - Silver Linings Founder


10:35-11:00amDr. Dielle Raymond, ND

Dr. Dielle Raymond, ND

"Dietary Approaches to Preventing Cancer and Supporting Cancer Treatment"   

"There are A LOT of different diets out there that promise cancer prevention and/or treatment!  Should you give up sugar, only drink green juice, go vegan, focus on alkaline foods.....how do you decide? Dr. Dielle Raymond, ND, will outline the dietary approaches that are supported by the best evidence.  Never underestimate the value of a diet well suited to your circumstances!"


11:00-11:20amMarley Cameron young thyroid cancer survivor

Marley Cameron young thyroid cancer survivor
Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC)

Life is different in your teens, 20s and 30s; it just makes sense it's different with cancer, too. Young adults with cancer need and deserve an organization wholly focused on providing customized support programs to help them deal with their cancer experience. Given there was not one organization in Canada with this as its focus the vision was obvious, Young Adult Cancer Canada had to be the national caner organization providing resources for young adults looking for inspiration, information and support. Speak with young adult cancer survivors and learn more about the challenges they face and how Young Adult Cancer Canada has changed their recovery process and overall well-being.


11:20am-11:30Update on Website

A brief outline on where we are at with our local cancer resouce website hub.

12:00pm - 1:00pmVerndon Vaillancourt, Singer, Songwriter & Artist

Join singer/songwriter Verndon, as he shares his journey, of "Base-tongue Cancer".


1:30-2:10pmCilvy Dupras, Registered Psychotherapist,

Cilvy Dupras, Registered Psychotherapist,

“Sex and Sexuality - When the body changes”


2:10-2:50pmSupport In Our Area

Hear about two completely different support groups.
Could you make one too?

Warriors of Hope Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Racing Team

Sisters in Arms Breast cancer support group

2:50-3:20pmDr. Sheryl Riley M.D. (Breast Cancer Servivor)

My Aching Feet. Who and what helps?


Closing & Raffle Prizes