Why Come

Because Community starts here! 

A cancer diagnosis can be very isolating, both for the person with the diagnosis and the family. There is community here in the North Bay region. We just have to find a way to reach it.

- what services are in our community
- what products are avaliable in our community
- about prevention of cancer, getting through it and striving to be well after. 
- we are also more than just about cancer, this give you the opportunity to not only learn, talk, experience, and listen with peers, doctors, local and area experts & health support systems 

Share your experiences. Each booth will collect your comments on what resources did and didn’t find and what helped. Help us find the gaps and the strengths of the community.

Put on a "name tag", "Breast cancer," "doctor," "physio," "family." Everyone who tags themselves is willing to network. Find out about your questions. Share your stories.

If you have always wanted to step up and help but didn't know how, look around the room - there will be a lot of groups looking volunteers.

If you would like to give support by giving money to the website or fair, or to just take part in our raffle, we would love that too!