Silver Linings 2019

Everyone has a story. 1 out of 2 people in Ontario Cancer Statistics 2018 reports that 1 out of 2 people will be diagnosed. So at one point or another all of us will be touched one way or another by Cancer. Whether it be a friend, family member or ourselves, it is important to know that we are not alone, that our community and area has many resources and service groups available to assist you or a loved one.
Our Health & Wellness Information and Support Day, gathers those resources, services, peer groups together so that we can decrease the feelings of isolation and be able to share, learn, and develop the resources that are needed. All are welcome, at the fair you will find, peers, patients, allied health services, physicians all willing to take time out and talk, about their stories, their services and more.

Silver Linings before, during, & after cancer (2019 our 3rd consecutive year)
Health & Wellness Information and Support Day
for general public, patients, families, allied health and doctors
October 19th
Callander Community Centre
10am till 4pm
All are welcome (guaranteed that even if you have never experienced cancer there is something there to learn for everyone.), the fair generates an attendance of about 350 people and offers, Subject Matter Experts, Peer Speakers, Booths, Service Groups and more!
Fee is by donation, and the proceeds from the Wellness Day will be allocated towards building a website hub listing, the many businesses, services, groups and peers that can assist them through their journey, so that the patient does not feel alone and can call upon community support stakeholder and support systems. The website will be accompanied by printed materials, that will be handed out at the time of diagnosis, so that the patient can find support and a knowledge base, services, resources and suggestions that you can go to prior, during or after. We are almost ready to build.
OUR GOAL: Is to reduce the social isolation of cancer by bringing people together and to increase awareness of local resources. We are working towards making a website for the same purpose. Let’s build it together!
This community initiative has been founded by Nicky Poulin of Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre in Callander and Dr. Sheryl Riley M.D. Breast Cancer Survivor. In hopes that the people of our community and area can find the resources and support in our area that are needed before, during and after, for those diagnosed and for those who are assisting a loved on diagnosed.
Thank you to the many volunteer groups, stakeholder, supporting services, and people who have supported us so far. This is a grass-roots project with a lot of heart, it takes a community!
For more information, please contact Nicky Poulin at the Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre in Callander 705 752 0294